Best Dry Dog Food For Pugs

Pugs are one of the sweetest creatures on Earth; their squishy adorable face draws you in. They are popularly known as a toy breed and have many nicknames that stick on; smallish, wrinkly, small, fun-loving, etc. Above all, it’s their personal qualities plus the general physical features that make it impossible not to love them. From their big loving eyes to the grumpy looking face, this breed is unique amongst dogs.

The pleasure pet lovers derive from these beautiful creatures instill the desire to take care of them as much as they show their loving qualities. Thus, giving them the best in nutrition is top on the list of any pet parent. Dog enthusiasts know the essence of quality dog food for small breed dogs. The best dry dog food reviews for your Pug depends on preference since each brand has its pros and cons. We’re reviewing some of the best dry dog foods. The essence of feeding our favorite pets is to energize them, so they stay healthy and fit. The underlying importance of dry dog food is essentially nutrient absorption and, ultimately, weight maintenance. The same goes for any dog food at all. With a range of dog foods on the market, selecting the best dry dog food for your Pug could be a tricky venture. This review provides some of the best dog food for pugs to alleviate the stress that comes with it. Each dog food has its type, but all are dried.

The Best Dry Dog Food for Pugs

During our research, we found Royal Canin Breed as a favorite for many pug parents. It is easily ideal for any growing pug and adult pugs. The best dog food pugs prefer some ratings. Reviews show 94% near 5-star ratings, and the same percentage recommends the product. Here are some original reviews from; 


‘Best pug food.’

Real review created by Kelly on May 16, 2020

“My Pug loves Royal Canin Pug dog food. Great price on Chewy and great delivery service during this time in the pandemic. It only took one week for the food to be delivered, which I did not think was bad at all”.


‘Yummy New food.’

Real review created by Dranny on Feb 2020 on Royal Canin. 

“Chloe likes this food. It’s the first time that I have given it to her, and she has had no problem switching to a new product. It’s more expensive than other foods I have purchased, but our Pug is worth it”.


Royal Canin Breed Pug Dry Dog Food


We understand that you’re ready to go to any length for your pet’s health and safety; we respect that. Pugs are as lovely as they are prone to allergies, but then, almost all dogs are. Also, they tend to be more muscular than the regular breeds of dogs we know. Therefore, pugs have superior strength and tend to gain massive amounts of weight. Again, they are likely to eat more, making them predisposed to weight-related challenges. This is a leading reason why a specific nutritional requirement is ideal for pugs, so they stay in great shape and enjoy their meals. Best dog foods for pugs should be high quality -containing fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. The Royal Canin brand is a great choice when the proneness to allergies is top on your list. Small dogs have their fair share of allergies. Manufacturers of this dog food took the extra mile by creating a classic recipe for your Pug with added benefits. The menu contains only the best ingredients that overcome obesity in the small breed and keeps their weight in check. In essence, it is an excellent choice for any pug in their first few months and onward. 




The food comes in a kibble size that accommodates the mouth of your Pug even though their mouth seems droopy or saggy sometimes. 

  • Food maintains muscle tone and mass. 
  • Ideal for dental health since food comes in tasty kibbles. 
  • Quickly gives an energy boost and contains protein. 
  • The product nourishes the skin and coat of your Pug.
  • Food formula is put together by experts, so you rest assured of a tested and trusted source. Also recommended by veterinarians.  
  • It contains L-Carnitine that dogs need for muscle tone.
  • Aids strong bones and helps joints. Their weight gain often impacts both. 
  • You can choose from several flavors. 
  • The low-fat content of food improves the digestive system in dogs with fat digestion challenges and curtails weight gain. 

Room for Improvement:

Royal Canin includes grains and is not an excellent option for pugs with grain allergies. 

The dog food is ideal for pugs ten months of age; therefore, it is an excellent option for a puppy pug. 

Runner Up For the Best Dry Dog Food for Pugs


Wellness Complete Health Natural Dog Food for Pugs

Wellness complete health makes it to the runner up position because of the numerous benefits the dog food has in store for dogs. Now, pugs may be a small breed, but they deserve high-quality nutrition that caters to their general well-being. Your small breed pet will certainly love the food since it has only natural components void of meat by-products.

For one, the quality of ‘Wellness complete’ makes it one of the best food for pug dogs. It is top-notch and a full mix of the best ingredients only. So, each portion is an optimal blend of calories and the essential nutrients only ideal for a pug puppy.



  • An inclusive diet with animal protein. 
  • Rich in essential fatty acids and curtails fat absorption in a pet and, ultimately, weight gain. 
  • It comes in reasonably sized kibble that is chewable for small pups. 
  • The recipe contains DHA, one of the active ingredients for healthy eyesight and brain development in dogs. 
  • Food is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and fatty acids, easy to digest, and keeps the energy level high. 
  • The package comes in six whooping flavors- 4lb and 12lb options for your pug puppy.


Room for Improvement:

This may not be the best dog food for pugs with grain allergies, because the product is grain inclusive. Dogs with sensitivities may not do well with this product. Manufacturers may consider swapping the grains for fresh options. 

Who Has the Most Affordable Dry Dog Food for Pugs?


American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato Puppy food

In the name alone, this recipe sounds like a mouthwatering pick for our small pals. True to the title, it offers mouthwatering flavors. Now, it makes it the most affordable best dog food for Pug if you are on a budget. Despite being cheap, it retains the top qualities you look for in dry dog food. The American Journey brand takes you and your pet through a nutritious journey within your means. 

The recipe is rich in deboned lamb and chicken meals making its protein content very high. Being grain-free, too, makes it recommendable. Supports small breed growth and development, so you want to look out for it. In addition to protein, the food has only 12 % fat to curb overgrowth and bulkiness peculiar to pugs. 





  • High in protein, vitamins, and minerals for your small breed. 
  • Price is reasonable, and the product retains quality.
  • Grain-free and highly digestible. No grain allergy worries here. 
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics for increased activity level. 
  •  Best dog foods for pugs with no fillers at all. 


Room for Improvement:

Some pugs and dogs are generally sensitive to plant protein (like peas in this product). So, it could affect their stooling patterns and digestion. Another source of protein could take the place of the pea protein. 

Honorable Mentions for the Best Dry Dog Food for Pugs


Blue Buffalo Life Freedom Small Breed Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food


We have established that pugs have smallish bodies, but their nutrition should be of high quality. It should be as balanced as the diet any human desires. Blue Buffalo is not just another brand on the market; they pride in mixing one of the best foods for dogs and pugs alike. The brand keeps your options vast. So you pick a product that suits the requirements of your dog only. With Blue Buffalo, you and your Pug have a grain-free threat at hand. Food is a rich blend of human-grade ingredients, mainly proteins.

If you’re worried about by-products, this is the best pick for you because it contains zero by-products. Instead, the protein component is in due balance with vitamins, chelated minerals as well as antioxidants. The grain-free recipe is safe for pugs suffering from grain allergies. Mostly, the first ingredient is deboned chicken, so it is palatable.



  • Made in a small kibble size that fits into a small breed jaw structure.
  • There are no by-products in this product; check package information for details.
  • Food is grain-free and does not trigger pug sensitivity.
  • Dog food may be served dry or mixed with water.
  • Rich in the best nutrients (including vitamins and minerals) for growth and development in a small breed.


Room for Improvement;

Generally, most buyers complain about the lack of continuity on the part of manufacturers. Although grain-free, food is quite high in carbohydrates when compared to others in the market. More protein should be incorporated. It doesn’t aid weight management except for careful and intentional measures.

Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Food


First, we must mention that Hills has history on its side because it is one of the longest manufacturers of (Pug) dog food in the scene. They have been in the dog business for about eighty years. The fact that they’re still here has a lot to do with what they’re offering. These guys know what they’re doing, and the product keeps your Pug happy and healthy. Their recipe contains natural ingredients, mostly including fatty acids 3 and 6.

It caters for digestive health because pugs are prone easily to that. In addition to quality protein, it has fruits and vegetables tailored to weight maintenance. There is a grain-free option and the option with grains. Either blend is quite enticing and attractive to the most selective any small breed since it has a generous portion of the ingredients. Also, it is the best food for stomach and skin sensitiveness. You have vitamins, grains as well as other supplements. Furthermore, Hills is a veterinarian’s favorite, so you want to take a look at it. 



  • Contains only the best of ingredients for overall growth. 
  • The product contains antioxidants that boost the immune system. 
  • Easy to munch on- small kibble size. 
  • Promotes comfortable stool in dogs. 
  • Available in grain-free and grain-inclusive options. 
  • Balanced nutrition that keeps  skin and coat healthy and beautiful (omega 3 inclusive).


Room for Improvement:


Hills contain meat by-products that some pets react adversely to, so, stomach upsets may ensue. If your pet has food allergies, they may not like this food because of the number of ingredients present. 

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food


It’s simply impossible to miss this diet because it has the picture of a pug on it, but then so do some of the other brands. The kibble is one of tender and crunchy bits for pugs. It has 25 % less fat than standard dog food. For one, this pet food has a tenderness that agrees with your pooch’s dental capabilities and leaves them enjoying their meal to the last bit. This is one of the best when it gets down to weight management, health issues and immune system.

Purina Pro provides a complete diet in maintaining flavor and keeping weight gain minimal too. The animal protein, which makes up a good part of this food, has a lean component, so your Pug is energized regardless. Although it is grain inclusive, food is made up of natural and rich fiber. It is ideal for adult pug and pups.



  • Ideal for weight maintenance as well as skin and coat. 
  • Best food for pugs dogs with appetite challenges.
  • Designed as a natural and healthy source of fiber. 
  • Soft and comfortable to munch on by your pet. 
  • It contains live probiotics that promote digestion and combat stooling challenges. 


Room for Improvement

The food contains grains that are not so ideal for pugs with grain sensitivities. 

Best Dry Dog Food for Pugs Buyers Guide

What are the Nutritional Needs for Pugs?


Dog foods are usually a mixture of the essential nutrients, so you need to be on the lookout of the nutrient composition of the brand you go for. Finding the perfect foods for pugs or any dog is tasking, that’s why we have done a review to help with the process. These are some of the things you need to look for in the best dog food:



Proteins are on top of the list for any dry dog food, no matter the matter. Whole proteins are ideal for a growing dog. Common sources are real chicken, real deboned beef, turkey, lamb meal, etc. you want to stay far away from unidentified protein sources as well as by-products. The best dog food is one that meets certain criteria. By FDA standards, your Pug dog needs about 18% goodness of protein, so take note. You can pick a product that has more protein but never less. 


Crude fats

Alright, we know that one of the issues Pugs face in their lifetime is weight-related, all thanks to unhealthy fats. However, this is not to say their diet should be fat free. Essentially, they need crude fats of about 5%, most of these are omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Fat is the more limited ingredient so food for pug puppies contains less but essential amounts.

Components like fish, flaxseed oil are excellent sources of fatty acids. They are great for healthy skin, joint health and pose no risk to cardiovascular health.


Complex Carbohydrates. 

Note that the exact levels of carbohydrates in Pugs are not known; however, carbohydrates are high for energy. Generally, in pets, vets advise that a balanced diet including complex carbohydrates are a better option because simple carbohydrates tend to convert glucose rapidly, thus drastically reducing energy levels. For instance, you’re looking at sweet potatoes that undergo slower metabolism. Corn wheat in large content isb hardly recommendable for the small dogs.


Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. 

Vitamins are never wrong in dog health. Food rich in them (as in fruits and vegetables) is better and more flavorful. You also want to pick your mineral content since minerals without chelation poses a health risk to your pet. They fight off free radicals and support the immune function in these small dogs, thus helping them against foreign bodies. 

Regarding antioxidants as a supplement alongside other extras, they function for skeletal support and ward off free radicals. Also, glucosamine and chondroitin cushion the stress pugs may experience as a result of their weight in the joints. 


Common Health Problems Pugs Face?

The first and most common health problem that pugs face is obesity. Fatty food predisposes small breeds. Thankfully this condition is avoidable via healthy weight and quality ingredients. Dog owners should ensure that they measure food in the recommended portion, check with your veterinarian. Also, take your dog out for walks regularly, especially to exercise their joints and bones to avoid hip dysplasia. 



  • Pug Encephalitis


This condition is peculiar to Pug dogs only and is also known as Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE). The science behind this disease is not known, and diagnosis is made after death. There is currently no treatment or test for it. Symptoms include brain inflammation that is often seen in seizures, blindness, and coma. 



  • Corneal Ulcers


Yes, ulcerations are seen in a pug dog too. Pugs are quite susceptible because their eyes are the most prominent part of their face. While grain free dog food rich in omega 3 fatty acids help eyesight, pug dogs are still predisposed. The symptoms in an affected dog include squints, redness of the eye, and excessive tearing. In all, the condition is treatable. 

Other eye defects are pigmentary keratitis or keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Both may occur together so that the eye cannot produce enough tears to stay moist. Also, the condition is treatable. Bulging of the eyes (proptosis) is characteristic, too, as well as Distichiasis (excessive growth of the eyelashes). 



  • Hemi-vertebrae


The condition is peculiar to short-nosed breeds and may have no noticeable effects. However, if not taken care of, it causes paralysis. 



  • Vaccination sensitivity 


Pugs are quite sensitive to vaccination. The reactions are often soreness, lethargy, and facial swelling. 

Again, pugs have allergies like other dogs. So, choose their meal with care and make sure it’s free of sensitive ingredients. Consider following the nutritional content section. 



  • Legg-Perthes disease 


Legg-Perthes causes shortness of blood supply to the head of the femur and hence degeneration. It often comes as limping and leg muscle atrophy and often predominant in pug pups. The condition can be corrected in dog through surgery. 


What should I not feed my pug?

The nutritional requirements for your pug is not available in just any kind of food because you have some factors to consider. Truth is, dog food differs from brand to brand. You want to give your pug food rich in high quality protein (omega fatty acids is a must). We have talked about a number of food brands, so the ingredients to avoid feeding your pug are; 

  • Fillers 
  • Artificials as in flavors or preservatives. 
  • Food with high-fat content 
  • Chocolate based product 
  • Raisins, grapes, and onion 
  • Food with high cereal content e.g high corn wheat content. 


With diverse kinds of dry dog food for pugs in the market, making a choice on high quality may not be easy. Nevertheless, know your pet’s health and pick something that favors them more because there is a product that works best for every Pug.The grain-free option does not stir up sensitivities peculiar to our small friends. We hope this review helps tailor your choice. Lastly, if you are not a pug owner but you do have a Great Dane then check out the Best Dry Dog Food for Great Danes. Wishing you a happy Pug journey!