How much should a jack russell eat per day

Jack Russell Terriers or Parson Russell Terriers are a high energy breed with cocky, borderline self-obsessed, and bold personalities. However, no matter how self-obsessed they are, they are still one of the world’s best pets with very high energy levels and a strong digestive system. PS click here for a New 50% discount! off Jack Russell dog food.


They love running around, playing, digging, and stalking their prey, usually full of animal protein. This keeps their metabolism in good shape and keeps them fat-free with ideal body weight. Due to their high activity level, these pups need a high nutrition diet full of animal proteins, meat, fat, amino acids, and other healthy nutrients. PS click here for a New 50% discount! off Jack Russell dog food. 

Jack Russell terriers are an adult dog with small bodies, which is why it is important to have a fixed feeding schedule so that it keeps them away from health problems (like obesity). Proper feeding is not only about having a complete and balanced diet for your puppy, but it is also dependent on the timing on which you feed your dog and the number of meals per day.


The total number of meals should be inclusive of two meals: the proper meals a day, and then other snacks, such as cookies and treats.


Your dog needs a proper schedule that makes sure that their feeding is in line with their appropriate body weight. This is highly dependent on the breeder and how the puppy reacts to his meals. Ideally, two times a day is the best plan for your Jack Russell terriers.


Dog owners are often confused as to how much I should feed my Jack Russell? Therefore, this article addresses all such concerns.

How much dry food should you feed a Jack Russell?

Since you are the human in charge of the Jack Russell terrier, you need to decide how to feed your Jack. Too much food can be lethal for your little puppies and dogs, as terriers are a tiny dog breed. Jack Russells are prone to several weight problems, such as patellar luxation and arthritis, which is usually a result of excess amounts of dog food.


To ensure a healthy level of growth, two big meals in a day are the most appropriate amount of food for the dogs of this breed. The Jack Russell terrier takes a certain time to digest the food. Therefore, make sure that there is enough activity in the day for your dogs to digest the food properly.

Dog food, like our own food, needs complete macros, especially protein, minerals, carbs, and fats. A combination of the four macros makes for a fulfilling meal and provides the Jack Russell enough energy to last throughout the day.


Ideally, both wet and dry foods should be in the diet of a Jack Russell terrier. This breed should be fed almost 75% dry kibble and 25% wet food as treats.


If you rely on more dry food, you should ensure that the dog food bag is properly sealed and that the Jack Russell terriers have an adequate water intake. This will make sure that they don’t feel heavy and end up lowering their energy level.


Jack Russell Terriers are generally a very active breed, which is why you should ensure that their diet is also in line with their activity levels.


With this breed, you should stick to more packaged foods than homemade ones because even a small bone can cause a huge medical issue.

How much exercise does a Jack Russell need each day?

This is something that differs from dog to dog and his activities each day. If your jack Russell Terrier is highly playful and keeps on moving throughout the day, then you don’t need to incorporate much exercise, and you can let him rest a little.

However, if the jack Russell terrier is not very highly active, then you should look into incorporating more exercise and playful activities so that it is easier for Russell to digest their dog foods.  

What is the ideal weight for a Jack Russell?

According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, a Jack Russel Terrier should weigh around 13 to 17 pounds throughout their life. You should only feed them 450 to 650 calories a day, or else they would be overweight with an excess amount of fat in their bodies. This is for an adult dog of 7 years or older in age.


If Jack Russell is one or younger, then 800 to 900 calories is an ideal food intake on a daily basis. This ensures the well being of the dog and ensures that the little pound remains happy.


If you feel that your dogs are not getting proper nutrition, you should try puppy food with a higher level of portion and meat.


Similarly, if you feel that the dog is getting more food than he needs, you should try putting him on a diet to not compromise his health.

What is the best food to feed a Jack Russell terrier?


Jack Russell Terriers are honestly not very high maintenance dogs, which is why they can eat almost all foods that are advertised for their breed. However, the best foods are the ones with the right combination of nutrient-dense and energy-filled foods, such as premium quality of protein, complex carbs, wholesome grains, and fruits and vegetables. This category of foods keeps the Jack Russell terriers have a full feeling. Royal Canin has excellent nutrient-dense/energy-filled foods for Adult Jack Russells and Puppy Jack Russells. 


They might be small, but they are a mighty dog, which is why you should make sure that their food does not exceed more than two times in twenty-four hours.


Before we end this piece, a small disclaimer, something that you should be very careful about before adopting a dog of any breed, is that they are full-time responsibility. You cannot just bring them into your lives and make them a side piece. You need to make sure that you give them a loving home, attention, love, and proper care. Only bring them to your house if you can love them like your own baby because that is exactly what they are.