How Often Should You Bathe Your Jack Russell Terriers?

Jack Russell Terrier Covered in a Towel with Bubbles Floating around the Jack Russell Terrier

Frequent baths dry out the dog’s skin and remove the natural protective layer. Of course, one should not hurry every time your Jack Russell gets dirty so that the skin of your dog is not covered with muddy stuff. As Jack Russells are like hunting dogs that are high energy and inquisitive dogs, its white coloured hair stands out when the dog starts to find dirty dirt.  They become even dirtier once they eat food especially if you mix wet and dry dog food together when feeding the dog.

If you are thinking about having a pet dog, you might want to think about bathing and grooming them. These are essential for your pet to keep their health at best. If you own a Jack Russell terrier and sense a whiff of smell when it completes a dirty adventure, you may be curious to know how to give your dog a bath.

For Jack Russell terrier owners, here is a quick tutorial on how to wash or bathe your dog properly.

Familiarize Your Jack Russell Terrier With Baths

Jack Russell Terrier Being Held and Bathed with Soap in a Tub

The first step when you bathe your dog is to make it comfy to your Jack Russell. Some dogs will enjoy the bath, while other dogs will dislike it. The more baths you expose your Jack Russel to from an early age, the better.

Jack Russell Terriers are dogs that have a very high energy and will hesitate at first. Even so, they will settle down once you begin kneading the dog shampoo into their fur. Your terrier will become accustomed to it sooner or later.

Prepare the Bathing Place of Your Dog

cartoon jack russell terrier with a shower scrub and shower brush

Preparing the bathroom prior to bathing your Jack Russell is also a good idea. Mostly because after you’ve had your Jack Russell in the water, they’re going to want to get out or will jump out if you walk away to collect something like a towel. Obviously, this will drag water throughout the bathroom and is a problem in general.

Prepare the area by making sure you have the materials you need like dog shampoo and towels for your dog’s fur. Dry your Jack Russell’s hair or fur with grooming equipment specially designed for dogs. Brush your dog using a slicker brush while its fur dries, keeping your dog’s coat free of mats and loose hair and also helping to distribute its natural oils.

Jack Russell Terrier Being Blow Dryed By a Woman

Always Check the Water Temperature

Squeeze a good amount of dog shampoo into a flannel shower bag and place it in an empty bowl on the side of the bath or shower. Just like most dogs, wash your terrier in warm water and test the temperature of your arm while lifting it and taking your dog into the bath/shower. It is a general rule to check the water temperature before you wash your Jack Russell to ensure that it is not too hot for the dog.

Use A Dog Shampoo When Washing Your Jack Russell Terriers

Before applying the shampoo, soak the whole body of your Jack Russell and coat it with foam to avoid your Jack Russell’s face. Additionally, you can use cotton balls to keep water out of your terrier’s ear. Bathe a Jack Russell Terrier with a dog shampoo around his neck and dry it after the bath so that the smell does not return.

Photo of a bunch of dog shampoos

Avoid Your Dog’s Face When Shampooing

Jack Russell Terrier Covered in Shampoo in a Tub Being Soaped and Scrubbed

Shampoo can irritate your dog’s eyes and ears, therefore cleaning your pet’s face or above the shoulders with shampoo is not recommended. Keeping shampoo and water off of your Jack Russell’s face, eyes, and ears is easy if you always wash above the shoulders with a damp washcloth.

One thing to keep in mind when shampooing a Jack Russell is that a small amount of shampoo goes a long way. You do not need a lot of shampoo; otherwise, you will generate an excessive amount of suds, which can be difficult to remove. Utilize a pinch of shampoo that is approximately the width of your index and middle fingers combined.

Following the Bath, Dry Your Jack Russell Terrier Properly

Jack Russell Terrier with the Dogs Mouth Open Covered in a Towel

While your pet is still in the shower or bathtub, dry your terrier. This can help avoid trailing water on the floor or shaking additional water in the walls of the bathroom. A good way to dry the paws of your pet is to first clean them and then cover them in a towel.

The final recommendation for you in terms of drying your Jack Russell is to keep him indoors until he has completely dried or is near to completely drying. When damp, going outside might produce a musky odor. Not to mention, if there are any dirt places in the yard, their moist paws may pick up dirt more easily than they would if they were fully dry.

How Often Should You Bathe A Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terrier in a Tub Under a Hand Held Shower Head

How often you wash your dog depends on the breed of your dog, lifestyle, skin condition and whether or not your dog likes to be bathed. There are Jack Russells that have rough coats and some have smooth one. If you have decided to wash your dog regularly, this can become a problem if you get through the bath time without feeling drenched from head to toe when your terrier is out rolling all over the house after the bath.

For Dogs Who Stay Indoors

3 Jack Russell Terriers Leaning on a Tree Trunk

If your dog tends to stay indoors, you should bathe it every 2-3 months. If you have a dog that does more walks and stays outside, you can bathe and care for it. But of course if your terrier has a lot of dirt stuck to him, the dog needs to be bathed about once a month.    

Bathing a dog depends on the breed, coat quality, skin needs and level of activity. It is important that your dog is bathed regularly to ensure a healthy skin and that it is in good hands with your family and at home as a cuddly dog buddy. 

For Dogs With Skin Problems

If your terrier has skin problems that require regular washing, or if your puppy is naturally a smelly dog, no later than weekly (unless instructed by the veterinarian). If your household has an allergic dog, you must bathe it at least once a week. As your vet may have indicated, a scheduled bath and shampoo therapy for the dog is critical for controlling certain types of skin disorders of your dogs.

More Tips in Caring for Your Jack Russell

Choose the Right Products

Jack Russell Terrier with Perfume Being Spritzed on the Dog

It may be difficult when it comes to choosing the products for your dog, so I’ll walk you through the basics. Due to their nutrition, environment, or other reasons, certain dogs may have distinct skin and coat requirements. Similarly, the shampoo you choose may have a significant impact on the coat and skin condition of your pet, especially in relation to specific breeds.

Do Not Use Human Shampoo On Dogs

Different shampoos have different effects and choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is crucial when it comes to Jack Russell terrier. If your dog has dry skin or irritated skin, your caregiver or vet may suggest that you use a moisturizing dog shampoo like an oatmeal dog shampoo when bathing your dog. It is also not recommended to use human shampoo or a regular shampoo on your dog since this kind of shampoo might cause damage on the skin of your Jack Russell terrier.

Use Oatmeal Shampoo

The best shampoo for a Jack Russell Terrier is a matter of personal preference. While most shampoos will suffice, one tip I have is to use a hypoallergenic shampoo, such as the oatmeal shampoo. This can benefit anyone who has mild allergies to their terrier, and it comes in a variety of smells.

Trim its Nails

Jack Russell Terrier Being Held By a Woman in a Black Shirt and the Dog is Having Its Nails Done By the Woman

Depending on your Jack Russell, if your dog is active in day walks and likes to wallow in the ground, you must bathe your dog and get its nails trimmed at least once a month or every other week. You want to make sure that the dog’s coat and dog’s nails are clean and great.    

Give your puppy a regular bath and use the right grooming tools for the dog to remove dirt and grease on your dog’s body. If your terrier rolls around in the ground every day, you should bathe your dog just as often. If it is dirty or wallows in the dirt every day, you have to bathe it more often.

Consult A Professional

It is recommended to research or consult a vet whether bathing your dog is necessary or not. Washing dogs on a daily basis can lead to excessive dog hair shedding and dog skin irritation. If your terrier wallows in the dirt every day, you may have to bathe him every day. 


Jack Russell Terrier Laying Down on a Couch with Dog Hair Around the Dog

If you are wondering what is the best way to prevent your Jack Russell from shedding, when you brush your Jack Russell on a regular basis, it will significantly minimize the amount of hair they shed.  Not only will your dog love it, but it may also be good for them. While brushing your dog’s hair, you are transferring skin oil around their body, which helps the fur stay in place and decreases shedding.


Jack Russell Terrier Having its Fur Cut on Its Eyebrows

Additionally, when grooming, your pet’s coat will require very little trimming. The most you’ll likely need to do is cut the longer hair on their face with rough scissors on a regular basis. The proper way to trim A Jack Russell Terrier is to trim excess hair from your dog’s feet, toes, and tail with thinning scissors on a regular basis.


Jack Russell Terrier Laying Down on a Plastic Blue Sheet Having its Fur Being Cut on its Leg

A rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier will require slightly more care than a smooth-coated Jack Russell Terrier. Grooming your Jack Russell’s rough coat using a stripping comb is ideal. Also, stripping them twice a year will significantly reduce shedding and keep your dog well-groomed.

It is essential to strip the Jack Russell Terrier’s undercoat.  What you need to do is grasp a stripping knife between your thumb and index finger and firmly hold the handle, then grab a bit of fur between your thumb and stripping knife and pull.This way, the Jack Russell terriers will maintain a nice appearance for a longer period of time and fur of the dogs will be healthier.

Jack Russell Terrier Having Its Fur Being Combed

Dry Your Dog Thoroughly

Excessive amounts of wax and dead skin cells accumulate over time in your Jack Russell terrier’s ear, creating a smell you don’t want to smell. If your dog’s ear is not dried out before wetting, it forms an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to foul-smelling ear infections.

Brush Your Terrier’s Teeth

As a part of your Jack Rusell’s grooming, it is also recommended to brush your dog’s teeth twice a day. Dental care is also critical for terriers as it protects the health of your Jack Russell’s teeth. Brushing their teeth will keep them away from gum-related diseases.

Watch Your Dog’s Weights

Jack Russell Terrier Sitting Butt First in the Photo

Maintaining your Jack Russel terriers health requires not just taking a bath and grooming but also monitoring your dog’s weight. How much should your Jack Russell eat? Just like what people do to other breeds, divide the daily ration into at least two meals based on your pet’s weight. Additionally, keep an eye on the weight of your dogs to avoid health complications.




The regular bathing of your dog is an essential aspect of providing proper care and hygiene. It aids in the removal of visible dirt that accumulates during pleasurable excursions and fun in unsanitary environments. This activity on the other hand, not only keeps it clean, but it also helps to keep it healthy and free of parasites.


Bathing a dog is dependent on the breed, the state of the coat, the demands of the skin, and the degree of activity. The shampoo and conditioner you choose for your Jack Russell terrier can have a significant impact on the skin and hair condition of your pet, so make sure to select the appropriate products for your dog’s needs. Consult with a specialist to determine whether or not your dog needs a daily bath. Frequent washing of dogs might result in excessive hair loss and irritation of the dog’s skin.


Although the finest shampoo for a Jack Russell Terrier is a question of personal preference, it is excellent to choose a  hypoallergenic shampoo. It is also necessary to remove the undercoat of the Jack Russell Terrier before and  provide them dental care. Additionally, large amounts of wax and dead skin cells accumulate in your dog’s ears over time, so be sure to completely clean them out after each use. 


Because our pets are considered to be members of our family, they will always have a special place in our hearts. In addition, because we only want what is best for our family, it is vital that they remain healthy. Bathing and grooming them is a way that you might use to accomplish this.