How to Make Dry Food More Appealing?!

There is no team partner more loyal than a dog. However, those babies are a full-time responsibility and you should only adopt one when you are in the right emotional space.


You can buy them the most premium treats by a company that has a copyright and they can turn away after eating only a tiny bit of it. This thing can stress you out. 


A dog’s diet (affects poop) is important for their well being and gut health. Most pet food companies have a number of variants ranging from wet food to dry food and from dog food toppings to treats. 


You can further find protein-rich meals, with a ton of chicken, meat, yogurt, chicken broth, turkey, salmon, sardines, bone broth, and fish oil in it. Other times you can opt for mixtures full of green beans, sweet potato, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, sugar, and other veggies. 


You can also get the perfect fruity treat with strawberries, bananas, apples, blueberries, and other fruits. Top it off with some probiotics, essential vitamins, iron, antioxidants, selenium, probiotic, and mineral supplements and you have the perfect recipe full of nutrients with a ton of health benefits to add to your dog’s kibble. 


A healthy diet is the only way to maintain a healthy immune system, dental hygiene, and perfect hydration. If dog owners closely monitor their dog’s diet, then they can save themselves from some very expensive trips to the vet. 


Ingredients such as salt and every day gravy are not consumable for a dog. Therefore, you most definitely want your puppies to stay away from yesterday’s leftovers. But if you want to share a meal with your dog, then we would suggest sharing breakfast, an egg is a really good source of protein if consumed in the suggested food portions. 


However, ensure that there are no raw eggs or shells in it. Raw eggs can promote the growth of harmful enzymes, which can lead to cancer. 


It is crucial to introduce a different combination of textures and a variety of different food groups in the dog’s diet since each has its own advantages.


At times, the best dry dog food can be pretty boring to consume and pet owners are concerned about their husky (weight wise) babies. If you are one such pet parent, then you have stumbled upon the right blog!


Types of dog foods

You can choose from the following types of dog food based on whether your pets are picky eaters, their taste buds, your budget, their appetite, lifestyle, and energy levels  in the dog food section at your local supermarket.


Kibble/ dry kibble treats

Dry dog food is the most budget-friendly food for your dogs, however, it is most definitely not the most appealing. Dog diet cookies are also kibbles. 


Canned food/ wet food

Due to being wet, they are extremely easy to digest, but the moisture content in the canned foods can cause bacteria, which is why you cannot store it in bulk or large amounts. 


There are two main reasons why your puppy loves a dollop of wet food. Due to the percentage of liquids in the food, digestion is really easy and it is free of chunks, therefore easy to swallow. This is the holy grail of picky eaters dog food.


Semi-moist foods

The semi-moist variant has the perfect balance of water and dry kibble, which makes the dog food more appealing. This is the perfect dog foods for picky eaters. 



Raw dogs diet food case usually consists of small amounts of parts of animal proteins, such as meat from a goat, or other such sources. 


However, potatoes, pumpkin, and grain, can cause diarrhea which requires a trip to the veterinarian.

How to make dry dog food more appealing?

A lot of dry dog food advertising focuses on dogs enjoying kibble, but if you ever read the comments below the post, you will find at least one example of what we are about to say. Every pet owner is looking for articles or a page comment, which can help them with options or give them suggestions to turn dry dog food yummier. 

Kibbles or dry food is not very popular among dogs due to the lack of moisture ratio in it, it is hard to swallow and can sometimes also cause acidity due to dehydration. The main difference between wet food and dry food is the fact that dry food does not have hard pieces in it, which makes it kind of a favorite among cats and dogs. 


If you own a dog or a cat or maybe both, then you must come across the issue of making dry food more appealing for your babies. If you want to know about the best dry dog food reviews, then all the readers can find all this information on many different blogs on your browser. Similarly, like humans, all dogs want changes in their diets now and then. 


There are methods and a solution for fixing dry food according to your dog’s food preferences and stomach functions. Try adding warm water, chicken and vegetables soup, or some paste to the bowl to make it more palatable. 


If you don’t have either of these food items in your pantry, they dissolve the small size stock cubes in some warm water and add that to the bowl for aroma, texture and help with liver detox.


Your fur babies also want different portion (upto five) in their food bowls, they want the oomph factor in their diet so try to make dry dog food more appealing for your dogs.

Another way to elevate a boring kibble dish is to add some canned food in it. Adding a small amount or a spoonful of wet food with dry food will add much-needed variety in the dry dog diet. 


This would not only enhance the flavor profile but would also add some minerals and nutrition components in the dish. This is an excellent way to boost a dog’s skin and coat quality. Adding a couple of tablespoon of water or something liquidy will also assist in digestion and have a positive effect on the pH scale of the dog’s body. It also aids in weight loss and weight gain depending on the amount of warm water of broth that you add to the food diet as it becomes a cellulose-rich fiber food. 


If you are skeptical about the ingredient list at the back of the canned food, then you can make some wet food at home with the resources available in your pantry. You can make a paste out of garlic, peas, onions, grains, broccoli, milk, carrots, and some vitamin supplement and add that to your dog food containers. However, ensure that you make a fine paste and keep sodium level in check, as salts are not good for dog feed. 


You can also use a paste of range free chicken and beef or canned tuna (low calories) to add to the kibbles. Your cooking option depends on what you are planning on serving your dogs. You can also season the dry food with high quality turmeric in a limited ratio for sort of a change in mundane kibble. 


There is a reason why poultry and meat, such as chicken, venison, and fish are recommended by several veterinarians for all dogs, which is why it is important to serve three or four portions of both protein and fatty acids in their diets.


You can always add a raw part of such animals in your dog cup with a serving of kibble to make it more interesting. This would also enhance the fragrance of dog feed, which is important for dogs. Their stomachs reject food with a pungent scent. 


Adding raw food to the dry kibble should be dealt with care. On the surface, it might seem like a good idea, but deep down it is not okay to mix the two in a large amount. 


Start with introducing a small amount of raw food of your choice to the bottom of the food bags and top it with dry food. None of the vets would ever advice you to introduce lots of raw food in one go. 


It can cause pancreatitis and excessive gas problem. Adding cottage cheese to the dog bowl will also change the taste of the web food and make improvements in terms of calcium and fat content. A lot of people inbox vets and find links for their question related to joint problems. So adding calcium to your dog food is your answer to protect the dogs from arthritis. 


A shortage of calcium can also cause issues in tract, bones, and teeth health. Your dog can also have negative reactions to dairy products, due to heat or just normal allergy. Therefore, try testing these things in a small batch before feeding it to the dog so that they don’t cause a bad smell.


Different breeds like canines can benefit from foods like kefir, which is a type of good bacteria therefore, you can include it in your picky eater dry food. While making any addition to the dog feed, ensure that you don’t add any products that can trigger allergies for your little dog.


You should try getting wet food and dry dog food with the least amount of additives. Also, get food with water content, however, it might be hard to find kibble with even a small amount of moisture. 


Always keep a bowl of water handy with dog food at all times. If you want to find out more ways and tips to make picky eater dog food more appealing, then you can sign up for a newsletter on Facebook pages by a dog food brand or some website/site with all rights reserved.



If you were working for brands that make software, then you would work on enhancing user experience. Similarly, a dog’s mind needs satisfaction while eating, therefore, it is best to include a variety in the food on a daily basis by making dry dog food more palatable. 


If you are buying a bag of dry dog food or kibble from the supermarket, then try to search for anything that has something soft such as a rice paste in its name or a high level of oils in it to mix in with it. It is okay if you cause an error on your first time, it happens, even if we are dealing with clients. 


Over the course of a few months, you will learn the best way to spend your money and get the ratios on point for your dogs.


In order to make your dog kibble more interesting, you can try any one of these bits in the article. Rest assured, you will get the hang of it.