Raw Feeding For Jack Russell

A Jack Russell terrier is essentially a working dog – a small and short-bodied breed trained to hunt. Russells are highly intelligent, energetic, athletic, and stubborn with high endurance levels and a love for digging. These qualities are what make them the perfect species for underground hunting. They can be good family dogs too, as they are friendly and love to play.

Russells are special dogs and not ideal for first-time dog owners because they require a lot of attention, and curtailing their hunting instincts could be draining. If you’re an ardent dog lover, you may be tempted to care for your terrier like you do other dogs – but don’t! Terriers are a special breed, remember?

For example, unlike regular dogs, your dog doesn’t just feed on anything. Since terriers are susceptible to weight gain issues, providing them with a specialized and well-scheduled diet would be most beneficial. They love raw food, which is something innate to them, being hunters and carnivores.

Types of Raw Diet for Terriers

Raw diets are usually reputed to be suitable for dogs, with claims that it makes them bright and healthy. Having raw, natural food also helps keep dogs energetic and robust which is significantly better for a terrier. Their meal plans usually consist of the following:

  1. Meat   

Raw meat is a staple food for Russells – from raw chicken to ground meat. Should you decide to feed your dogs muscle or organ meat, make sure that the food is clean and bacteria-free. Muscle meats include tendons and cartilage, while organ meats include heart, liver, lungs, brain, etc.

  1. Bones  

Feeding bones to Russells can increase their appetite, and add to their calcium intake. The bones can be ground or given as a whole. Marrow bones may also be introduced into the diet.

  1. Vegetables

A balanced raw meal plan should contain raw vegetables. This implies that you can switch the dog foods from solely meat to veggies. 

Spinach, potato, carrot, and broccoli are perfect vegetables for Terriers. 

  1. Eggs  

Raw eggs are also an essential part of Jack Russell’s protein content requirements. If you cannot lay your hands on eggs, uncooked chicken can be an alternative option.

  1. Fruits   

You could add apples, blueberries, oranges, and other fruits to your terrier’s meal plan to ensure adequate nutrition. Vitamins A, for instance, is essential to the health of your Russell. Fruits also ensure a clearer digestive system in puppies and adult terriers.

  1. Dairy Products  

Milk and yogurt also fall into this category of dog food. Dairy products contain great amounts of high-quality protein and calcium. 

Raw Diet for Jack Russell  

Naturally, this dog breed prefers eating raw food than having cooked meals or processed pet food. Even when the terrier is kept as a family pet, its feeding should be as close to its natural instincts as possible. 


Knowing your dog’s characteristics will then teach you that including raw meals is the ideal food plan for your pet. However, knowing which types of raw diet is not enough. Understanding how to adapt their portions and schedule their feeding to suit their dietary needs as they age will help with your dog’s overall health.

If you’ve opted for a raw diet for your terrier, you should ensure that their diet is not only rich but balanced also. Like any human, dogs need a balanced diet to keep them healthy and boost their energy levels. They’re a highly active breed, and their food intake should complement their activities and lifestyle.

Unbalanced diets are unhealthy and could lead to chronic health conditions in the long term. If you want your pet to live its full life in good health, you should plan a balanced raw diet plan for it.

While all dogs have, in essence, the same nutritional needs, Jack Russells need more energy-nutrients to compensate for their high metabolism rate. Ensure that their diet is rich in fat, while they don’t need many carbohydrates. You should be careful not to overfeed them with fat to avoid unhealthy weight gain. This is especially the case with adult dogs. 

Balance out their fat and proteins so that they can achieve a healthy weight and strong muscles. Raw meat, chicken leg, and fish are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for your dog’s overall health.

For puppies below 12 weeks old; they need as many proteins as they can get. Ensure that their diet is made up of at least 22% protein and 8% fat. Feed him 3-4 times daily is important too. 

When your Jack Russell becomes an adult, you’d need to focus on building his muscles and regulating his fat intake. Plan a diet of about 5% fat and 18% protein, with meals served twice a day (or thrice if he’s extra active). 

Senior Jack Russells have an increased risk of getting obese due to limited physical activities. To avoid this, slightly reduce his fat intake and feed him not more than twice a day.


Buy Raw Jack Russell Feed

Sometimes, life happens, and you may not always be able to give your dogs the quality care and attention they deserve. When it comes to feeding, it may be challenging to give your dog the exact amount of nutrients he needs, such as vitamin c, vitamin a and amino acids. Other times, it may just be convenient to feed them with whatever is available.

No matter the reason behind your inability to adhere strictly to your dog’s diet plan, you can get around it by buying raw Jack Russell Feed. Raw Jack Russell Feed contains all the nutrients your dog needs in the right proportions. All you need to do is feed your dog the recommended number of times and get on with your day. Your dog is healthy, you are happy, and everybody wins! 



Your Jack Russell is a special dog breed and, as such, needs specialized care for it to achieve its optimal health. While feeding your Jack Russell raw food makes them happy, it’s not enough. You also need to ensure their uncooked meal diets are hygienic and contain the perfect nutritional requirements for growth. For those who are busy yet would still want the same nutritional benefits for their dogs, feeding them the raw Jack Russell Feed is a viable alternative.