What is the best food for a jack russell terrier?

 A Jack Russell Terrier is a white-bodied dog with patches, and can be any color.  These dogs are known for their near fearlessness regardless of their rather small size. They can weigh from 13 – 18 pounds and can measure between 10 – 15 inches. However, it is not uncommon to see terriers trying to pick a fight with much bigger animals, thus, it is necessary to always keep an eye on them.

Jack Russel Terriers have a life span of 10 – 15 years. Their skin can show a pattern of little black, brown spots often referred to as “ticking,” which mostly fails to show up on the outer coat. A russell terrier like most dogs sheds its hair even though some mistruths out there might suggest otherwise. In fact, the shorter the hair of a dog, the more the dog sheds.


Jack Russells originated in England about 200 years ago and were developed in Australia. Jack russell terriers were mainly used for hunting foxes due to their extreme energy level. These dogs are one of the more preferred dog breeds for hunting, they were first bred by a parson and hunter, Reverend John Russell.  Jack russell terriers originated from the English white terrier, which is now extinct. 


The Jack Russells’ aggressiveness, which is effective when trying to chase foxes, makes these dogs excellent hunting partners.

Jack Russell

How are Jack Russell Terriers different from other dogs?

Jack Russell terriers are super friendly and extremely energetic. They love digging and can make really large holes in a short time. A jack russell terrier is an efficient climber, it is little wonder this dog is regarded as the best dog for hunting by some individuals.


This means that a securely fenced yard is necessary to keep this dog within stipulated areas. They are also super bouncy and will not hesitate to jump on people and things. Jack Russells also love spending time with family as they can be one of the best companions for humans. Therefore it may be counter-intuitive to leave them outdoors or in kennels.


If you have never had a dog, it would be very unwise to start with a Jack Russell dog since training them is no easy feat. You might see well trained Jack Russells dog on television and go:

“Aww, so cute. I’m gonna get a dog just like that.” Without fully understanding how to raise a Jack Russell, you may easily end up regretting your choice.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re easily worn out, don’t think about getting this dog. 


The Jack russell dog breed also loves barking just for fun. This means that Russels are not suited for owners and apartments who value peace and quiet. 


Jack Russells can be very naughty and have a mind of their own. They will not hesitate to chew, dig or chase after any small animal (especially cats) when not fully trained thanks to a steadily growing muscle mass ensuring a search for subjugation.  


 Getting a Russell

When walking a Russel, you should have a strong hold on its leash; else, you risk these energetic dogs taking off without you. They are also fearless, which is good as it ensures that they are very alert, making them great watchdogs. But it also means they are not afraid to face dogs that are way bigger than they are even when the odds may be heavily stacked against them.

Training a Jack Russell comes with so many responsibilities and a lot of patience. 

As they are extremely energetic, they can easily get bored. This implies that training sessions have to be short and include different types of activities. 

They also love vigorous exercises and games like running and Frisbee throwing, and they make excellent jogging partners. It might take a lot of time to train a Jack Russell, but the results are worth the time and effort.

Jack Russells are loyal and devoted to people. They do well with active older children and might overwhelm younger ones. A Jack Russell can fill your day with a lot of action, humor, and love, but they have to be well cared for.


Nutritional Needs of a Jack Russell Terrier.


A Jack Russell needs to be fed high-quality food with a crunchy texture to ensure good health. Preferred jack russell terrier food should also contain lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals. A suitable jack russell dog food should also contain high quality omega 6 fatty acids, and animal protein content.


 Nutritional requirements for adult and young Terriers

Adult Jack Russells tend to weigh about 13 – 18 pounds. They require 450 – 650 calories per day to ensure an active immune system and a generally good physique. This largely depends on just how active they are. Puppies should be fed the best dog foods, and puppy food rich in omega fatty acids. These meals should contain up to 800 – 900 calories per day until they are at least a year old to ensure all round health, and a strong immune system. 


Make sure to include certain dog food brands with varieties especially dry food as they tend to aid the digestive system in a jack russell puppy. For instance, if you feed your jack russell dry dog food like kibble, you may also want to give your dog a taste of the wild, by introducing grain free meals, as well as dry foods for jack. This is advised since it prevents the accumulation of tartar and plaque, which can lead to serious dental issues due to poor diet. 


Factors to consider when seeking the right food

Wet food for Jack Russell is yet another way to go, however, the choice is yours at the end of the day. These foods are easier to digest and reduce the chances of the dogs getting food allergies and constipation.


They should be fed two to three times a day, and their rations shouldn’t be that big as their stomachs can only hold so much at a time. 


A Jack Russell diet should contain meat-based ingredients, including poultry, fish, or beef. Avoid foods that have wheat or corn listed as the main ingredients. Raw meat bones are also very good food for them. Chicken bones should be avoided.

Also, avoid dog food that has too many chemical preservatives and additives. A Jack Russell should eat dog food that will be easy to digest. 

Human foods like grapes, chocolates, avocados, sweeteners, macadamia nuts, raisins, onions, and garlic should never serve as dog food for Jack Russell.


What is the Best Dog food for a Jack Russell Terrier 

The best food for Jack Russells can differ for each dog. The size, age, energy levels, and allergies all affect a Jack Russell Terrier’s diet. Each diet should be tailored to ensure its health and long life. Food with more natural ingredients are very healthy, and food with additives and chemical preservatives should be cut out to prevent health complications and premature death. Dry dog food remains a healthy choice.

When trying out several dog food for your Jack Russell, always keep an open eye to know what dog food works for your dog. A favorite dog food for many dogs is dry dog food.

Also, consult your dog’s veterinarian for information, and tips on the best food for your dog.

Ultimately, the best dog food for a Jack Russell Terrier is one that will keep it active and leave it with bright, sharp eyes and a shiny coat.